Contact Lenses

Inserting a contact lens
Inserting a contact lens

With recent advances in technology, most people can be successfully fitted with contact lenses. If we have not seen you before then we will need to see you for an eye examination first. If we have seen you for your eyes before then we need to have seen you in the last 6 months.

The contact lens fitting cost £30 and includes everything you’ll need for you to try lenses. We’ll go through getting the lenses in and out until you are comfortable and confident enough to take the lenses away to try. After a few weeks trying the lenses we will see you again to review your progress and suggest any improvements.

 Contact Lens Plan

Our new contact lens plan makes wearing and paying for contact lenses easier than ever before. It allows for the cost of the lenses and appointments to be spread across the year by paying by standing order. A quality silicone hydrogel monthly lens starts from £26 a month.

Contact Lens Plan Benefits:

  • Lenses delivered to your home or to the practise every 3 months, whichever you prefer.
  • Never pay for another appointment, whether for your contact lenses or your normal eye examination. Emergency appointments also included. Any concerns, give us a call.
  • Retinal photography and fields tests all included.
  • 20% off spectacles and sunglasses.

Mini Contact Lens Plan

If you are only interested in wearing lenses occasionally then our full contact lens plan can seem like too much. Our mini contact lens plan costs just £12 a month and includes all the same benefits as the full plan except it just includes 30 pairs of daily contact lenses each year. For some people that may be all you need especially if you are only going to wear lenses for holidays or special occasions. However if you are going to need more lenses you can just pay for additional boxes as you need them. The cost of additional lenses depends on what type of lenses we decided to go for.

At your fitting appointment we can discuss what your particular needs and which plan will suit you best.