There is a multitude of prescription lenses on the market so there will be something to suit every requirement, both clinical and financial.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are used for a single purpose; they are fixed at distance, intermediate or near ranges. They are often used when the eye has enough focussing flexibility to change between all distances.


These lenses are used when two different focussing ranges are required; for example when the eye loses its natural ability to focus for close work tasks like reading or sewing.

They are normally arranged with distance vision at the top of the lens and a reading ‘segment’ at the bottom. The segment is available in a variety of shapes depending on visual and lifestyle needs. The focussing ranges of the two areas can be customised as required.


In addition to distance and reading areas, varifocals also help with ‘intermediate’ tasks. There is no visible ‘segment’ or line between the focussing sections – the lens is smoothly graduated and looks like a single vision lens. This lens provides greater flexibility to cater for modern lifestyles.

If you don’t need a distance vision correction, ‘occupational’ varifocals are available with wide areas for reading and computer or intermediate use. These are ideal for office workers who need good vision for the computer and to read documents.

Anti-Reflection Coatings

These can be added to all lens materials to reduce surface reflections. This can make your vision more comfortable for general use, night-time driving and prolonged computer use. An anti-reflection coating gives other people a cleaner view of your eyes when viewed through the lenses.